About Us

Welcome on my site. I am pleased to invite you to discover the culture, the history and the exceptional landscapes of my country and my region…

First let me introduce myself in a few words:

11113571_1817628478462386_8696024996860272981_nI have seen the light of day in the desert of Merzouga to a few not of the dunes. I am from a Berber family of nomadic has Atta. And I had the irreplaceable chance to be able to go to school. My thirst to discover the literature of other has allowed me to learn a few languages, among other, the language of Molière which I am, today, fell in love. To feed my admiration of French, therefore, I have prepared my suitcases and am party live and study in Meknes that I left, after 4 years, with a license in French language and literature in 2006.

Working as camel driver in the dunes for a few years, I always had this pleasure of exchange and to talk about different subjects of literature: (The Father Goriot or the human tragedy of Balzac. The terrible end of the life of Bovary or the realism among Flaubert…) otherwise discussions of stories, (often concerning the life Berber in Morocco), with a glass of tea around a fire, a few not of a Berber tent planted in an oasis…

I hear me well with the books which deal with the notion of desert; especially « the pilgrim dsc00274of the desert » of Théodore Monod: « The Destiny m has convened in this place, it has made me a méhariste, a man of the sands. The desert is a severe educator who leaves go no weakness. » Theodore resumed again: « The desert is also a learning of the subtraction. Two and a half liters of water per person and per day, a frugal food, a few books, few words. The vigils of the evening are devoted to the legends, to tales, laughing. The rest belongs to the meditation, and to the spiritual ».

Finally, « Traveling is to go itself in itself by passing through the other ». On this beautiful sentence Tuareg of Moussa ag Assarid, I wish you the welcome in the desert but first: Welcome to my site.

I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a dune. We see nothing. We do not hear anything. And however something Rayon in silence.

The Little Prince