Our hostel: the Kasbah Le Berger

The House of happiness

Welcome to BOURAMDANE!

Located at the feet of the large dunes of Merzouga, in the desert of the south-east of Morocco, this House is very rich in local colors.

It will allow you to rest in a happiness without limits!

It is accessible in small and large cars, bus, motorcycle, and bike…

The happiness is now accessible to everyone!!!!

Presentation of the Hostel

gall-8The property consists of 6 large rooms. Each room contains two large beds (2m/2m) and a wide bathroom well equipped.

The large dining room is decorated with beautiful local objects, and will give you the desire to live the moment and let you get rid of all the stress of daily life.

This is not all, the kasbah Le Berger is equipped with a large, spacious kitchen where good meals come out to join you at the table.

Find also the photos of our hostel on our photo gallery.

How to find us ?

aubergeThe Kasbah Le Berger is easy to find as it is located very close to the national road 13 Linking Merzouga and Tauz; the small village KHAMLIA more precisely.

Its geographical situation is an essential starting point: from among our hostel, you can wander in the Solitaire(s) in the dunes that are just in front of the House.

It is the point of departure in excursions, méharées to escape in the large dunes in dromedaries.

The other services offered

  • The Kasbah Le Berger offers you a range of services:

  • Trekking and camel riding in dromedaries

  • The outputs for the sunset and sunrise

  • A night in the dunes

  • The circuits for several days and nights: up to 30 days in the desert!

  • Excursions in 4×4: to better discover the region: music Gnaoua, mines of Mifis, Lake of Merzouga; tour of the dunes, nomads…

  • All a list of possibilities is offered to you, you have to decide to be happy! We offer services to the map where the final choice remains yours.

  • When the tariffs, it is always affordable and especially competitive.