Trekking in the desert

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Our trekking adapt to your requests and to the number of days of your holiday…

So how does it work ?

After our exchanges by Internet or by phone, we will give you an excursion program adapted to your needs: the number of days of hiking, the number of persons concerned and the date of your arrival in Morocco.

We take you in charge from any Moroccan airport that you choose, before leaving toward the desert.

The real travellers are the only people who depart for from; light hearts, similar to the balloons, their fate they never deviate, and without knowing why, always say: Are going!

p1000178Charles Baudelaire

You will have an attendant native guide of the desert, a cook, camel drivers who are well aware of the desert and camels to carry your luggage and the food.

In cases where you would be tired, you can of course walk at your own pace, or climb on the dromedary which will always be at your disposal. The steps begin each morning, after breakfast. Your escort will explain you the life of nomads in the desert, and guide you in the various landscapes until the next camp.

Penalty, Traveller, on the path amount ! The admirable point of view will be your reward.

Tamoura Toyoo

The walk in the desert for several days with or without the dromedaries

mouhou-032Our team is equipped with tents and all the material for a good trip to the heart of the desert. Thus, you are going to change from camp to camp each day during your trekking and camel drivers will have the pleasure of you make small musical entertainment and riddles every evening after eat!!!

Tariffs at the departure of Merzouga

Count per day and per person € 35.


  • The full pension.

  • 3 liters of water per day.

  • A dromedary per person.

  • An attendant-camel driver

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