Map Morocco

On the map of Morocco

Here is a map of Morocco intended to help you locate Merzouga and its surroundings.

Already populated by the ancestors of the Berbers, Morocco was influenced by the civilizations of the Middle East. The Carthaginians were installed on the coast, so that in the interior of the country was the powerful Berber kingdom of Mauritania. The Romans put in value to the country, to evidence the vestiges of Volubilis.

The Arabs Andalusians gave a sparkle intellectual and artistic in Morocco.

Today, Morocco is independent after the French protectorate, and remains an authentic country.

Here is a more detailed map of Merzouga and its surroundings:

You locate Merzouga, village located at the edge of the Erg Chebbi (set of sand dunes). Also the cities of Erfoud and RISSANI which are part of one of our circuits.

At the bottom of the card is located Khemliya, the village of the Gnawas. And even more bottom Taouz where are located the engravings.